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German Cockroach

The German cockroach is a yellowish-brown type of cockroach with an adult size of 1 - 2 cm, smaller than the other two species.

It is a very dangerous species in terms of spreading speed. It is one of the species that is struggling especially in our country.

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American Cockroach

The American cockroach is the largest common cockroach species and is generally considered a pest. American cockroaches can fly, but are often seen quickly entering and exiting homes, warehouses, and garages.

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Dogu Hammam Beetle

Eastern cockroaches (Blatta orientalis) are a species with a bright, blackish brown color and a length of 25 to 32 mm. The most common areas are coastal and port cities.
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Ticks are obligate blood-sucking ectoparasites. There are hooks and suction cups at the ends of the legs. They stick to the skin and suck blood with their hoses. They are especially seen in rural areas and gardens in summer. It is a species that should be paid attention to.

Garden Spraying

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Flea; It is a general name given to around 1,600 small, wingless, blood-sucking insects. The methods of struggle are tough. It requires process and should be done under expert control.

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A type of insect that lives in homes and whose bodies are covered with a silvery color. Adults are between 12 and 19 mm in height. They have no wings.

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Lice are wingless insects with approximately 5,000 species from the order Phthiraptera. Lice are warm-blooded obligate parasites that can live on all types of birds and mammals except monoliths, pangolins, bats, and mammalian marine animals. Lice are carriers of diseases such as typhus.

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They live almost all over the world. According to 2012 figures, 43.244 species are known, collected in 112 families and 3879 genera. Head and chest are fused. The abdomen is tied to the chest with a thin waist. Very poisonous species are rarely encountered in our country. Although they are seen in open areas, they are also found in our living spaces.

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The woodworm is a harmful beetle species from the torus beetle family. They are insects that are mostly seen in cool and humid climates and that damage all kinds of wood materials and their damages are noticed much later.

It is necessary to get Professional Service in the struggle.

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They are animals that can escape very fast and reproduce very fast, they are scattered all over the lands of the earth.

It has an important place among the species whose struggle is common in our country. The most common species are Sewer Rat, Roof Rat, Hazelnut Rat and Rats.

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Snakes are long, footless carnivorous reptiles belonging to the order of the Pullular. Members of the Serpentes suborder are distinguished from footless lizards by the absence of outer ears and eyelids. Although there are very poisonous species in the world, this number is very low in our country.

Snake fight

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The scorpion is an arthropod that is usually living in hot and humid regions, whose bodies are covered with a hard chitin layer, and has a venom sting on its curved and upturned tail.

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Earwigs or Dermaptera is an insect order consisting of more than 2000 insect species. The name stems from the common misconception that they escape into the ear. They hide during the day and come out of their hiding places at night. Their size varies between 0.5 and 5 cm.

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Termites are called termites or white ants. Especially in the tropics and subtropics, they are known for causing great damage by eating wood and other organic materials. Since they live by escaping from the light and hiding, the damage that has occurred will be understood after everything is done.

Termite Spraying

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Common name given to various kinds of insects and maggots that infest things like moth, wood, cloth, and fur. When moths are mentioned, not only the actual moths, but almost all the small butterflies that are among the moths and whose caterpillars cause great damage to stores and warehouses are understood.

Moth Spraying

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Today, more than 12,000 species are classified and it is thought that there are around 14,000 species. [1] [2] They are easily recognized by their elbow antennae and knotty structures forming their thin waist.

Ant medicines

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Ekirge, the general name given to the jumping members of the Caelifera suborder from the flat-winged order. Locusts live in Anatolia in sizes varying between 4 and 5 cm, depending on their species.

Grasshopper Challenge

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Cricket is the common name of the insect species that form the Gryllidae family, with bright black color, rounded large head, short wings, long antennae.

They are especially known for the sound they make during the summer season.

Cricket Spraying

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Ant lion is the common name of the predatory insect species of the Myrmeleontidae family, named after the extremely interesting feeding behaviors of the larva stage. But they do not feed when they are adult, and in this very short phase, their thin and long bodies look like damselfly with their wide wings.

Biocidal Pesticides

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More than 2,200 species of black flies, 15 of which are extinct, have been officially named.

In general, it is the type we struggle with frequently during the summer months.

House Fly Spraying

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Mosquito is the common name for blood-sucking pests of the Culicidae family of the biplane order. They are delicate insects with slender long legs that are easily recognized by their buzzing sounds as they approach to suck blood.

Mosquito Control

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