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İzmir Disinfection


İzmir disinfection Ecosystem Pesticide, which has been serving among İzmir Disinfection Companies for many years, aims to provide perfect service with expert personnel in all your disinfection processes.It makes applications in all open and closed areas, especially in Private Hospitals and Schools, which are among our references. The basis of disinfection applications is to continue the application regularly and periodically with certain frequencies. It should not be forgotten that all disinfectant groups produced are designed to destroy harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria, microbes, etc. Considering the differences in the environment applied, the activity period of the chemical decreases and loses its protective feature after a while.

Brief Disinfection;


Disinfection is the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms on inanimate materials. In other words, an object is cleansed from disease-causing factors by disinfection. Chemical substances used for this purpose are called disinfectants.

Bacteria spores decrease according to the level of disinfection. Disinfectants can kill spores only when long-term effects and advanced ones are used. Disinfection especially limits direct and large contamination. The success of disinfection, that is, the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, depends on a multifactorial discipline such as the cleaning of the material where the disinfection will be performed, the way of contamination of microbial agents, the density of the microorganisms, the temperature of the environment, the pH, the concentration of the disinfectants and the duration of the disinfection process.


ecosystem Product Groups

Disinfection Services Your biggest supporter in protecting your health!

Disinfection Services in all your living spaces are covered by the Ecosystem Guarantee.

Our Disinfection Methods vary with our 10 Years of Sector Experience.


  • Airlines & Airplane Disinfection

  • Road Transport & Municipal Public Transport Vehicles Disinfection Applications

  • Disinfection in Open Areas

  • Healthcare Group Facilities & Hospital Disinfection

  • Industrial Business & Office Disinfections

  • Educational Facilities & Private Schools & Pre-School Institution and Facility Disinfections

  • Railway Stations & Train Wagon Disinfection Applications

  • Disinfection Service in Ship & Transport Vehicles

  • Chain Market Mall & Sales Areas Periodic Disinfection

  • Disinfection Works in All Business Groups, Cafe & Restaurant Businesses

  • It constitutes our Disinfection Application Portfolio and Customer groups.

Dezenfektan Ürünleri
Dezenfektan Ürünleri

el dezenfektanı,ortam dezenfektanı,yüzey dezenfektanı,kalıcı ve etkili dezenfekte ürünleri,steril bezler ve steril kullan at mendiller,dezenfekte cihazrları,hava temizleyiciler,yüzey temizleyiciler,alet dezenfeksiyonu.

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Dezenfeksiyon Pompaları
Dezenfeksiyon Pompaları

Ulv cihazı şarjlı pompalar elektrikli pompalar,motorlu ilaçlama pompaları,manuel pompalar,dezenfeksiyon ve ilaçlama pompaları,dezenfeksiyon makineleri.

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Kişisel Koruyucu Ürünler
Kişisel Koruyucu Ürünler

Eldiven Tulum Maske Önlük Toz Maskesi Gaz Maskesi Koruyucu Gözlük ve tüm koruyucu kişisel ekipmanlar

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Sanitasyon Hatları
Sanitasyon Hatları

Gıda ve Üretim sektörlerinde yaygın kullanılan Sanitasyon Hatları

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