izmir fumigasyon firması

Fumigation is a pest control method that completely fills an area with gaseous insecticides or fumigants to suffocate or poison insects inside a confined space. It is used to control pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil, grain and agricultural products. It is also used during the processing of products to be imported or exported to prevent the transfer of exotic organisms. This method also affects the building itself. It is also used on behalf of wood manufacturers. It prevents and affects pests and harmful insects that damage the physical structure such as dry wood termites.

The methods and products used in fumigation are in a very risky group. The fact that they are made by companies licensed by the ministries prevents unwanted results from occurring.

İzmir İlaçlama Ecosystem provides quality and sustainable service by fulfilling the safety procedures in all fumigation applications. Consult our company when choosing between pharmaceutical and fumigation companies.

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