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Insects are also known to have the most diversity (number of species) in the world; Although more than 1,000,000 species have been defined so far, new species are currently being added to this list. They are living things that have managed to survive in almost every ecosystem, from the polar to the oceans. It is perhaps the most populous class of the living world. Includes approximately 30 sets. About 4/5 of the animals that have been identified are insects.

It has negative effects on humans and animals in terms of structure and habitat. Carrier of disease factors is the most obvious harmful structure. Necessary struggle methods are available for all population increases that may occur in our habitats.

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Among the pests of the flight, the most fought species in our country is flies.

Flies are cosmopolitan pests that wander around. They are especially common in farms and homes.

House flies can be worm carriers and are potential vectors of the following diseases:




• Cholera


They can be fed any type of solid food that can be liquefied without any discrimination. This includes wet, perishable materials or food stored for human consumption.

Flies reproduce quickly and efficiently, and they are also very active. The purpose of control measures is to break the life cycle by controlling the larvae or adults.

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It can be said that rodents are the pests that humans fight the most all over the world. The three most common pests are:

  • Brown Rat

  • Black Rat

  • House Mouse

They are found on every continent. They cause many different problems in food production, from damage and loss to structural damage and disease transmission.

Rats are known vectors of many human diseases such as leptospirosis, typhoid fever and even salmonella. Rodents also harbor serious livestock diseases, including many bacteria and viruses.

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Turkey has three main species of snake you encounter:

  • Poisonous Snake (common viper)

  • Austrian snake

  • Water snake

Although most of them are non-venomous, snake bites (bites) are an unhealthy condition that bothers everyone. Although it is difficult to encounter such situations, there is a risk, especially in rural areas or living areas with gardens. In addition, there were cases of snakes transported from belongings, suitcases and travels.

Different methods are used in snake control. When you encounter such pests, we definitely recommend you to consult an expert.

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