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Spraying and Cultural Struggle may not be enough sometimes, or its continuity may be required.

In addition to the Service in Pest Control, there are many options you can reach by the Ecosystem!

Check out our products for Quality and Economic Solutions!

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EFT Fly Keeping Devices

You can order our Organic EFT Fly Trap Devices in different models and sizes, manufactured from completely stainless inox materials, with Manufacturer Guaranteed.

Our products with Adhesive Board use, which do not contain Toxic Substances, including personal and institutional productions, are Safe and Compliant with Food Codexes.

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Mouse Traps and Observation Stations

  You can find many options from Traps Traps to Observation and Capture Stations, from Electronic Repellent Products to Sticky Fighting Products in combat methods related to mice and rodents.

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Biocidal Products

Different product groups

Permanent and Active Chemicals

Concentrated and Ready-to-Use Products.

Ecosystem Biocidal Pesticides

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Disinfectant & Sanitation Lines

  Disinfectant products with many brands and long-lasting features.

Sanitation Lines used for hygiene and protective properties.

Your assistant in creating safe areas of your business.

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Spraying Equipment

Spraying Pumps are available in motor, cordless and manual types.

Please contact us for products suitable for Professional and Public Use.

Safety Equipment

Gloves, Masks, Overalls, Protective Face Masks, Gas Masks and Personal Protective Products are available.

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Electronic Repellents

Electronic Pest repellents for those who want to leave chemical use to the last resort and provide regular protection.

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Cat Cages & Bird Prevention Products

They are capture and removal cages for uninvited guests, especially in food businesses.

Birds, which are frequently encountered in food stores and enterprise roofs, especially in airports, create a risk over time. As there may be disease-carrying factors in their feces, they invite many pests to their living spaces.

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